– Ujungkulon World Heritage Site

Ujung Kulon Tour – Tour Ujung Kulon is The Tour to National Park Ujung Kulon including Adventure Trekking Ujung Kulon, Ecotour and Traveling to the tropical rain forest and home of Javan Rhinoceros (JAVAN RHINO) and ecosystem of Ujung Kulon national park, its Adventure tour of Tropical rain forest will take accompanied by our local friendly guide from local representative, the trip to Ujung Kulon National Park Tropical Rain Forest can be start from Jakarta drive to Costal town of Carita beach and continuing by speed boat it will take the journey of about 2 hours or from Carita drive a cross country side and start boat trip from Sumur fisherman village and continue by large traditional wooden boat. as we know that Ujung Kulon National Park is one of the most beautiful and unique Tropical Rain Forest National Park in Indonesia.

The Ujung Kulon peninsula is the western most extension of Java. The park includes the peninsula, as well as the offshore islands of Peucang Island, Handeleum Island and Panaitan Island. This beautiful peninsula, protected on three sides by the sea and on the east by the Honje Mountains, has been a natural refuge for wildlife, now rare in the rest of heavily populated Java, and is the last place in the world where the once common Javan Rhinoceros is found. Ujung Kulon Tropical Rain Forest also contains some of the last tracts of undisturbed lowland Tropical rain forest to be found in Java. Typical vegetation in Ujung Kulon is dense thickets of palms, gingers and bamboos.

The Javan Rhino are rarely seen, Banteng (Javan Wild Oxen) frequent the grazing grounds morning and evening accompanied by Peafowl, Leaf Monkeys, Macaques, Pigs, Squirrels and Otters. Fruit Bats and large Monitor Lizards are also common and Green Turtle nest on the west beach. 220 bird species have been recorded as resident, the most common being Horn bills, Woolly-necked Storks, Green Peafowl, Barbets, Bulbuls and Bee Eaters. Water birds are common in the Nyiur swamps and there are many sea birds and waders. One of the attractions of Peucang Island are almost tame Rusa Deer and long-tailed Macaques sometimes to tame, and the big Monitor Lizards so easy to see at the camp.

Ujung Kulon ( Ujung Kulon Tour) the name means “ Western Tip ( Tour to western tip) “ is leading park in Indonesia and barely part of Java . Being the only Habitat of the endangered one horn Java Rhinoceros, the park over an excellent spot for eco tourism. Located in the Western Tip of Java Island , Handeleum Island , Peucang Island , Panaitan Island , mountain honje range and the water surrounding , make the area a complete and outstanding nature conservation. Historically Ujung Kulon National Park was a leading hunting ground during the Dutch time until the research of Botanists found the several Fauna species were already at the threshold extinction and should be Immediately conserved such species are Javan Rhinoceros , Leopard , Grey Gibbons , Green Peafowl and Green Turtles.
Available attraction are some vacation resort, White sandy beaches with calm and clear water, marine gardens, Surfing spot , some cultural historically scene such cemetery statues and building. Of the feeding ground that are slatted over the area wild games such as wild oxen , wild pig , monkeys , giant , lizard , and friendly deer are easy target for photo hunter. he river traverse the park offer an exciting opportunity for Canoeing, Tracking, Camping, bird watching, diving, snorkeling, fishing and enjoying the intact the tropical rain forest as well as the mangrove forest .

Ujung Kulon National Park ( Ujung Kulon Tour ) Consist Of:
Peucang Island ( Peucang Island Tour ): Ujung Kulon National Park the unique and delightful Peucang island lies and clear blue water off the north western coast line of the National park. It is white sand beaches. Calm, quite and coral reef shore hold a fascinating world marine life. Here also easy to see a lot of grey monkey, deers, wild pig, kinds of bird and lizard and The Lodge for visitors are available here.
Karang Copong ( Karang Copong tour ): is Last part / ended of Peucang Island, along the tracking rote, kind of deer, bird, and tropical rain forest with big trees are found and ended at karang copong that is the big reef with holes located in marine. In the evening its nice place to see sunset. The track will spend 3 hours return. Cidaon Grazing ground ( Cidaon Grazing Ground Tour ): is one of grazing ground in Ujung Kulon National Park that can be reach by boat to cross Peucang Island and continuing by walk 100 m from beach. There are wild cow, peacock, wild pig, kind of bird and etc come to this feeding ground mostly in the evening.