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Discover an unique culture and wonderful nature of Papua
Traveling to Papua formerly known Irian Jaya of Indonesia with local tour operator and papua travel expert offer the most exciting trip to Baliem valley, Korowai adventure, Asmat region, raja ampat west papua whale sharks (under water wildlife ) in Cendrawasih bay birds watching flora & fauna with affordable package prices on our Papua island tours. All our papua tours must surely one of the most exciting tours available and certainly one of the most popular tours in Indonesia. All above activities can be done with us. Komodotours.com have led several groups traveling in a special package expedition where hundreds of Papuans dancer surrounding the aircraft at the first time they land in the Dani land of Wamena (Baliem Valley ).

Baliem Valley Tours

Wamena is a point of starting for many selected Papua inside expeditions. The Dani traditional villages are visited by every tourist who sets out in Papua. Some villages even show their original customs and hold mock wars. Travel with us you can be in a face to face contact with the Dani people. Dani people build round or oval huts, and their villages are enclosed by fences. They are farmers, and their small fields are distinctly bordered. This is what helped Richard Archbold spot them from the plane. The Dani tribe’s customs and culture are very rich and interesting. The main reason that the Dani tribe is so well known, is that the Baliem valley where they live, is relatively easy to reach this are nowadays.
You have probably seen the famous photos of Dani tribe members with boar tusks in their noses, and headdresses made of Paradise birds feathers. Dani men only wear long and thin kotekas. The women Danis wear short skirts woven from orchid fibers, decorated with straw, and with indispensable woven bags called “noken” across their backs. Similar to the women of the Yali tribe, the Dani women wear short skirts below their butts.

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Korowai Tribe
– tree people is one of the least civilized tribes on Papua island. Women walk half-naked, their genitals covered only with grass skirts. They decorate themselves with dog and pig teeth and with tusks of wild boars. Some of them still live in the three houses built in tree-tops.

Korowai Tribe live in an area which is behind the imaginary “pacification line“. Koroway is for the larger part an intolerant tribe, which rejects civilization and contact with missionaries or neighboring tribes. Despite that, we managed to get you into their territory and become to a certain extend friends with them. Our friendship is fragile, very unstable and uncertain when it comes to their therritory.

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